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As a woman's body ages, it undergoes a host of changes. One in four women or nearly 24% of women over the age of 18 experience episodes of leaking urine involuntarily. Stress urinary incontinence, the most common form of urinary incontinence, affects an estimated 15 million adult women in the United States.  Pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause are major reasons for the increase seen in women as they age.  It is more common than we realize, but many women don't feel comfortable talking about their struggle with urinary incontinence because of the perceived stigma associated with the condition.  Some women feel ashamed. Others are embarrassed as if it's their fault they have urinary incontinence.  Many women don't talk about it because they don't know about their options.  Billions of dollars are spent annually on women's health and wellness procedures to improve a woman's quality of life. Urinary incontinence is a well-recognized health condition among women in the United States.


Previously, women did not have many options to address this concern and other intimate concerns associated with aging, or intimate concerns that develop due to the treatments associated with certain illnesses like cancer such as vaginal dryness and/or vaginal laxity which can lead to painful intercourse.  With advanced technologies available, women now have more options to address these issues safely and effectively. One of the newest technologies gaining widespread recognition is EmpowerRF.  EmpowerRF is registered as a therapeutic device for the treatment of urinary incontinence and other feminine intimate concerns such as sexual dysfunction.  It is a more technologically advanced platform than its predecessor VOTIVA.  EmpowerRF is the most advanced platform available to treat a wide range of urogynecological concerns including blood circulation, pain relief, stress, urge and mixed urinary incontinence, and pelvic floor weakness. It is a safe, FDA-cleared platform that allows Dr. Taguchi to provide customized solutions to improve tissue health and deliver life-ch anging women's wellness therapies by using state-of-the-art technologies including formaV, VTone, Morpheus8V and Tone.  A combination of therapies using these modalities and devices can be highly effective in treating various forms of urinary incontinence and other feminine conditions.  EmpowerRF was designed with the idea in mind to empower women to recapture their quality of life and restore their self-confidence without surgery or prolonged downtime. 




FormaV is a state-of-the-art technology cleared by the Food and Drug Administration that uses bipolar radiofrequency energy (RF) to rejuvenate vaginal tissue and help with laxity and dryness.  It does this by gently heating the vagina to increase blood flow and circulation in the vaginal wall and stimulates new collagen and elastin production for greater support in deep tissues under the skin....  FormaV also works to tighten the muscles in the pelvic floor and increase vaginal and bladder support.  We may recommend some patients use VTone (see below) in combination with formaV.  The formaV procedure is a series of three treatments given 4-6 weeks apart and could be described as a more organic treatment because it helps a woman's body rejuvenate itself naturally rather than using artificial means such as treatment with hormones or chemicals to obtain the desired results.  

There are several advantages to using formaV over other treatments.  FormaV is a safe and effective non-surgical alternative to bladder sling or vaginal mesh surgeries and commonly prescribed drug treatments or disposable pads sometimes used for urinary incontinence.  As well as becoming a more widely accepted treatment for symptoms associated with sexual dysfunction including dryness and painful intercourse commonly associated with menopause, formaV replaces the more traditional questionable hormone therapies typically prescribed for menopausal symptoms.  It is a painless procedure that doesn't require anesthesia, it can be done in the office in 20-30 minutes, and it doesn't require any down-time so you can keep your daily routine after having your treatment.  Dr. Taguchi recommends three treatments approximately 4-6 weeks apart after which time he will evaluate and discuss your progress.

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V Tone

V Tone

VTone is a novel therapeutic device which is part of the EmpowerRF platform.  It is FDA-indicated for the treatment of stress, urge and mixed urinary incontinence....  VTone is unique in that it is the only intravaginal EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) device that is FDA-indicated for the treatment of urinary incontinence.  It provides intravaginal muscle stimulation and neuromuscular re-education to rehabilitate weak pelvic floor muscles. This is a gentle non-invasive procedure that is done in the clinic with no anesthesia and no down-time. We recommend six treatment sessions, two 30-45 minute sessions each week for three weeks for a total of six treatments to start.  After six treatments are completed Dr. Taguchi will evaluate your progress.  It is highly effective as women have seen an improvement in their pelvic floor support after 1-2 treatments.

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Morpheus8V is an unprecedented patented technology that utilizes the legendary benefits of Morpheus8 for urinary incontinence and more. While it is modeled to function like the original Morpheus8 device (see below) ..., it is a minimally-invasive device designed specifically for treating the vaginal canal. It does not require anesthesia and uses fractional radiofrequency microneedling up to 3mm to remodel vaginal tissue to tighten, tone and rejuvenate.  It is a quick and effective procedure done in the clinic that requires little down-time.  We recommend starting with three treatments 4-6 weeks apart after which time Dr. Taguchi will evaluate your progress.

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Tone is a non-invasive EMS device that emits electrical pulses to stimulate involuntary muscle contractions.  Tone targets specific muscle groups to restore the strength of the muscle... .  It can be used to aid in the treatment of urinary incontinence by tightening and toning abdominal muscles, in particular lower abdominal muscles with the correct placement. A combination of VTone and Tone can be effective in isolating and tightening muscles involved in bladder support.  We recommend six treatment sessions, two 30-45 minute sessions each week for three weeks for a total of six treatments to start.  After completing six treatments Dr. Taguchi will evaluate your progress.

♦Tone is a customizable muscle toning treatment also used for body shaping.  It delivers 288,000 pulses in just 30 minutes and can be used to tighten, strengthen and sculpt different muscle groups of the body including upper abdominal muscles, gluteal muscles (the buttocks), arm muscles and thigh muscles to enhance tone.  It's not only used for urinary incontinence.  Ask our team about treatments with Tone to refine the look and improve the strength of your muscles!

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Morpheus8/Morpheus8 Body
Morpheus8    Morpheus8 Body

Dermatologists have known since the 1990s that microneedling is a proven technology to induce or increase the production of collagen and elastin by 400% under the skin in 6 months after completing treatments.  The result is the generation of new skin tissue and underlying dermis for smoother, firmer, more toned skin.  This process is known as skin rejuvenation or remodeling.  Microneedling works by creating small pinpricks in the skin known as micro-wounds with tiny sterile needles that cause an inflammatory response.  The small wounds trigger the healing process through regeneration of collagen and elastin which occur over time thereby repairing the skin and making it regenerate itself.  Research has shown microneedling is an effective, minimally invasive way to improve the health of the skin.

After 1 Treatments (4 wks)

After 1 Treatment (4 wks)

There are several microneedling devices, but the next-generation device which has superior technology compared to other devices and gives excellent results is the Morpheus8/Morpheus8 Body fractional remodeling device (SARD) by InMode.  Morpheus8 is the only SARD device that combines microneedling with bipolar radiofrequency energy to remodel collagen and elastin and shrink adipose tissue under the skin.  It is a minimally invasive device that has interchangeable tips with different microneedle configurations to target different areas of the face and body.  The Morpheus8 headpiece contains 24 gold-coated microneedles which can be used anywhere on the face and neck and other areas of the body.  Morpheus8 Prime headpiece contains 12 needles of relatively smaller size that are used around hard to reach areas like the eyes; Morpheus8 Resurfacing headpiece contains 24 microneedles for resurfacing the outermost skin layer; Morpheus8 Body has a 40 pin headpiece and is used on larger areas of the body targeting tissue sequentially at multi-level treatment depths in milliseconds in a single cycle - the skin layer, under the skin and the adipose tissue - minimizing skin injury for safe, effective and customizable full-body treatments for skin resurfacing, adipose tissue remodeling, and face and body contouring.  

One of the many concerns women have is the effect of childbirth on the appearance of their vulva.  With childbirth and aging, the labia majora and minora can become stretched and loose which is an aesthetic concern and can also lead to dysfunction.  The standard treatment for reducing the size of the vulva is labiaplasty, a surgical procedure requiring a trip to the hospital, general anesthesia, and downtime for a lengthy recovery.  Dr. Taguchi has incorporated Morpheus8 and Morpheus8V into his practice as an alternative to labiaplasty because Morpheus8/Morpheus8V microneedling can be used to shrink and tighten the vulva skin through remodeling without surgery, without anesthesia and with minimal down-time.  This starts with three treatments approximately 4-6 weeks apart, and maximum benefits can be seen within six months.  Individual responses will vary.

There are several advantages to using Morpheus8 versus other procedures used to rejuvenate skin and address many aging skin concerns.  It is safe to use on ALL skin types with little risk, unlike other resurfacing methods and can be used to treat many areas of the body.  Morpheus8 remodeling treatments work for many skin concerns such as acne, scarring, big and small scars, new and old scars, cellulite, skin laxity, and much more.  Women like to use Morpheus8 Body because, depending on the area of the body, it is a relatively painless procedure, is quick, doesn't require anesthesia, doesn't require a lot of down-time, and because of its ability to sequentially treat at 3 levels of tissue in millisecond intervals treatment times can be dramatically shorter.  Our Mommy Makeover packages with Morpheus8 Body is ideal for women who have recently had a baby and have a c-section scar they want to minimize, or have unwanted stretch marks or cellulite, or have stretched and loose belly skin they want to tighten.  The Mommy Makeover combination of treatments can also include Tone which works to tighten and strengthen abdominal muscles, and is designed for women to restore their body to its pre-pregnancy state after giving birth.  Mommy Makeovers are customizable and Dr. Taguchi will work with you to develop a personalized package especially designed for your needs.

Our Morpheus8 Prime or Re-surfacing aesthetics packages address the concerns many women (and men!) have about aging.  Several aesthetic packages are available and were designed with the idea in mind that women and men want to look and feel younger.  Morpheus8 dramatically rejuvenates the skin by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, crows feet, lifting brows, festoons around the eyes, shrinking large pores, smoothing rough and bumpy skin, reducing rosacea, minimizing nasolabial folds and marionette lines, redefining the jawline, tightening loose skin around the neck and other areas of the face.  RF microneedling is very effective in treating acne scars and chickenpox scars.  There are several reasons to use Morpheus8 RF microneedling technology, and one thing is certain - Morpheus8 is an exceptional skin rejuvenation method available today, which improves a woman's quality of life. 

Our team of expert care coordinators will give you a personalized aesthetic plan and customize your treatments to give you excellent care and exceptional results that have you looking and feeling your best!   Click the link below to request a free consultation or call:  405-372-6246 .

Pro-Nox Product

Morpheus8 is a minimally-invasive procedure.  Generally we recommend using a topical numbing cream and find this is sufficient for pain tolerance.  However, some patients are more sensitive to pain or may have anxiety and feel they need more than numbing cream for analgesia.  For those patients we suggest also using Pronox, a mixture of 50% nitrous oxide and 50% oxygen, to help with their comfort level.  This mixture of light gas is fixed, and a patient regulates the amount of gas they inhale with a mouthpiece to help diminish pain sensation and anxiety without loss of consciousness so they remain awake during the procedure. 

When the procedure is done, the patient takes a few normal breaths and the gas is removed quickly from their body so there is no need for additional assistance to or from the clinic.  Questions?  Ask our team of care providers about Pronox.

Taguchi Women's Clinic is all about quality and excellence.  For this reason we are proud to be partnering with iS Clinical, a premium pharmaceutical grade skincare company, that combines traditional botanical medicine with advanced scientific formulation expertise to bring the very best of skincare products to you.  iS Clinical can dramatically add benefits to your Morpheus8 post-treatment results nourishing skin and gently aiding healing.  Each package purchase of Morpheus8 includes a FREE GIFT of iS Clinical products.

♥iS Clinical products are safe for pregnant women.

**We offer a concierge service with iS Clinical skincare products. To place an order, call our office and our team of care providers will assist you with your order.  We ship to your home FREE of charge!


To learn more about your skin and iS Clinical skincare, visit isclinical.com and isclinicaledu.com in our Educational LINKS OF INTEREST section below.  

Patient/Physician Educational

The following websites are links of interest and are recommended as educational reference tools for our patients and referring physicians.  We selected these hyperlinks because we think they would help you learn more about the aesthetics of women's gynecological and aging health concerns.  Furthermore, these hyperlinks are provided for referring physicians who want to learn more about FormaV, the safest and most advanced treatment in women's intimate health, and its use as a non-surgical alternative for urinary incontinence in women after childbirth and in aging women, and as an alternative to hormone replacement therapy for occasional sexual dysfunction.  Morpheus8 is a relatively new aesthetic treatment and these links of interest will explore the usefulness of bipolar RF technology and micro-needling in gynecological and aging concerns.

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